Left Handed Acoustic Guitar

Though many lefties (as well as right hander's) begin with an acoustic guitar, many of them are quickly unhappy with their choice. An acoustic can seem to be like an obvious option when you're getting started and it really is worth getting, nevertheless the electric guitar will likely be much more forgiving to fresh players.

As if it had been not challenging enough to get a left handed guitar that suits you, at this point it's important to make a decision on electric versus acoustic. There's arguably no obvious cut solution.

The vast majority of old school players strongly encourage that a beginner begin with an acoustic to figure out how to play a "real" guitar, however the thin strings of the electric tend to make the learning curve easier.

Naturally afterwards if you wish to play an acoustic guitar you'll need to get used to the fat strings as well as bigger neck. The thicker the strings are, the harder it'll be to play due to the fact you need to focus a lot more on pushing them down.

The entire body of the acoustic guitar is usually bigger and will take time to get used to, should you be changing over from an electric.

Should you begin with an acoustic guitar, a lot of players agree with the fact that changing to electric will be really easy. This might sound weird for those who have never played before. Several people assume that the amplifier will magnify your errors however when using the distortion as well as other exclusive effects which can be obtained along with an electric guitar, they'll usually end up being unnoticeable.

The acoustic guitar is probably far more convenient if you're able to control it. You only pick it up and begin playing. Absolutely no amp, pick-ups, as well as cabling. Doesn't also matter when the power has gone out. The cost is yet another motive lots of people begin with an acoustic. It is possible to generally find completely new one available for only a $100 or so.

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  2. I shall email this to my students have lots of lefties!

  3. I usually encourage new left-handed players to try playing right-handed first. Since most of the action is in the left hand anyway, they usually take to it just fine.

    The advantage is that they don't have to pay more for a lefty model guitar.

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  5. Phil, with all due respect, I disagree with most of the action being in the left hand anyway, as you put it. You are trying to make a right hander out of a lefty. I am an 88 yr old guitar player most of my life. I play left handed and proud of it. My left hand is equal to YOUR right hand. I had ONE teacher refuse to teach me left handed when I was younger. Was a no go for me. No offence, just a thought.